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An itinerary dedicated to lovers of modern and contemporary modern history.

PLUS: an architect will be the extraordinary "guide" for an 
architectural and urban approach to this itinerary

Day 1 : Latina
Latina (formerly Littoria) is the first city of the countryside,
born in the uncertainty of interpreting the role of a rural
village of service or a garden city.

Day 2: Latina-Pontinia-Piana delle Orme-Latina
Pontinia, the third new city of the Pontine countryside, follows
the foundation ritual: Benito Mussolini on December 19, 1934,
after staying overnight at the government building in Littoria
and visiting the large channeling and water lifting plants in
Mazzocchio, goes to a vast square space to proceed with the
laying of the first stone

Day 3: Latina-Idrovoro Di Mazzocchio-Sabaudia-Latina
It was April 15, 1934, when the construction of the
Mazzocchio hydrovora began.For its realization it took 14000
tons of concrete, 2500 of iron and 5000 cubic meters of stone!
Sabaudia, the town so dear to Alberto Moravia and Pier Paolo
Pasolini, built on the Tyrrhenian seafront during the fascist
period, after the reclamation of the Pontine marshes.

Day 4: Rome-Eur district
The neighborhood that everyone still knows today with the
acronym Eur, acronym of Universal Exhibition of Rome. Born from the desire of the fascist regime to glorify imperialist
ideas, it would have been completed only after the end of the
Second World War