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Villa Adriana, one of the most impressive and surprisingresidences of the Ancient World Heritage Site.

It’s located a few kilometers from Rome, among the harmonious and green valleys of Tivoli.

It is an innovative and surprising example of the Roman architecture of the time, rich in evocative
suggestions of the places admired by The Emperor Hadrian during his travels through the provinces Empire.
You will be fascinated by the maritime theater, one of the first buildings of the stately home, and by the Canopus complex,
with its large rectangular basin surrounded by splendid sculptures, which reflects the fascinating structure of the
Serapeum, a temple dedicated to Serapis which can only be accessed with a guided tour.
Before leaving, do not miss the Pecile, a large Portico garden with a central swimming pool, the Antinoeion, the sacred area
where the Tomb of the young favorite of Hadrian who died prematurely, the famous Antinous, was probably kept; and
again the large and small baths, preciously decorated with the underlying area intended for service personnel

Almost all the main museums and collections in Rome and the rest of Italy, as well as in Europe, count among their
exemplary works from Hadrian’s Villa.
Currently the visitable area is about 40 hectares.

We organize visits with a private guide
Possibility to combine other services for both groups and individuals transfer to and from the villa with private driver or bus (in case of groups)

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